About Us

Welcome to our updated tours informations and resource of Camel Trips Morocco company which is owned by a young Moroccan Berber Amazigh native Said, who was born in the Sahara Desert Merzouga. Hammadi is fluent in spanish, english, berber, french and arabic. Due to the living in one of this aparrently most inhospitable region on earth we aquired many skills in order to survive there with the few things we provided by nature disposal. And that is exactly what makes the life of Berbers so interresting for people from other countries and other cultures.

Therefor i founded the company Camel Trips Morocco to share my experience in desert life with our guests. So they get an insight in our- centuries-old culture and lifestyle and they will understand the real meaning of desert as a world apart from what our guests know and expect. In the expanse of dunes there are no distractions to appreciate greatest treasure of human – his own soul. Nothing exists but the undulating land, the expansive sky with his countless stars, the moon and the awesome silence. Desert is a world for meditation and reflection on the essence of life.

Camel Trips Morocco also offers to guests the best tours in Morocco. With us you can discover the colorful hustle and bustle in the big cities and its numerous market places. On our tours you can also admire magic villages and great places with untouched nature in our country. If you intend to spent unforgettable.

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